The Secret To Money App Reviews

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Love it!!

My life is changing!!

Great app

Love it!

Great tool!

Helps you visualize your impending wealth!!!

Money App

It’s a good way to live 💛 healthy habits. It’s bringing a better way of life for me and those in my life ‼️‼️ there is absolutely nothing better than establishing better thinking . There isn’t anything wrong with wanting better, gratitude in advance is powerful ‼️‼️



Create good money vibes!

I enjoy the features of this app about 5-10 minutes every day. It feels like imagination playtime!

Great app

Really like the simplicity Of This app and its purpose !

Life Changing!

The world to my best life starts every morning with this app! I can’t say enough great things about it!


I love the food for thought that it provides. Positive thoughts on a daily basis is energy for my soul.

Love it

I’ve been practicing Law of Attraction over 8 months and I can say my life has been perfect and it gets better day by day and this app helps me stay on track when it comes to money.

Great way to get mindset of abundance

It’s like practicing being wealthy

Waste of money.

The Secret stole my $4.99! Ha! Grrrr. How could I have been so gullible. It’s such a silly app.

Love this app!

This app is a great way to utilize the Secret. It is quick and easy to use and helps apply the Law of Attraction to your everyday life. This app helped me change my mind to a more positive perspective on money and life.


Has completely changed my money mindset.

Change your mind

Change your mind to attain your goals, and bucket list in life.


This app is a whole new addition to my journey of gratitude and abundance. Thank you!!!

IT IS The True Secret to LIFE (as We know it)

Thank You Rhonda for compiling These Thots in such a OmniPresent Manner~ Such a Wonder~Full Guide for All open to End~less Possibilities~ Blessings~


The secret changes you . You learn to look for the good and to be grateful for each day .

Great Focus and Fun Too


Thank you

Thank you for helping me stay focused!

I love this app!

This app was recommended to me and I have been using it for about a week now. It definitely sets the intention for the day!

Love it

I believe!

Love this!

Brings fun and positive energy into my financial abundance!☺️💚

Love it

I absolutely love waking up in the morning being handed a $200000 check to spend on anything I want. Decisions, decisions...also seeing the manifested money increase every day...what a great feeling.

Cool app!

Cool app!

Thank you for the help!!

Love the positive affirmations!! Helpful reminders everyday!! Makes visualizing and manifesting easy and real! Happy and grateful for The Secret!! ❤️

Love love it!

I love this app!

The secret

I love everything about this app. Everyday I look forward to my checks from the universe as well as reading the daily inspirations. It’s a great way to start the day.

The app is awesome!

My mindset is shifting and client payments are coming early!

Major manifested

This app helps you keep in alignment with manifesting what you want. It has changed my interaction with money.

Life Changing Experience

Love it!

Raising my vibrations with the app

A friend recommended this app and I am so glad she did! Every morning I am reminded to stay in the flow of abundance and money. I really appreciate the variety of activities you can use, from the abundance check to the affirmations. Definitely recommend anyone who wants to raise their vibration around money to use it.


Absolutely love this app.

Incredible money mindset training

If you struggle with seeing abundance and believing money can magically come to you then this is the app for you. Practice receiving and spending money with their daily check deposits and think more extravagantly. Train your mind with prosperity affirmations and daily inspiration and of course use this alongside the book The Magic for full impact!


Reframes how you see money! Excellent!

Secret reminders

This app makes it easy to keep your secret tools top of mind and using them more often

Best app to truly manifest money

Great app for the authentic feeling of receiving everything you would like. Very grateful! The secret has improved my way of thinking. Thanks again!


The app works well by giving me reminders to read my affirmations. That helps to be more consistent.

Great App

I love how I feel after saying the daily affirmations- Immediately I feel hopeful and worry fades away!

The Truth....

I have seen only the normal part of a money flow in my financial experience, which had been paycheck to paycheck. What I do believe is that the POWER of the law of attraction is real. It’s just how willingly patient are you to wait on the Mighty One Source and the Universe to form in alignment for you?

Love this secret

The universe has been meeting my goals. I am amazed that this simple change of habit can open a new world up. My first goal came to tangible reality in less than a year.

Love the app

I love the app. I am noticing how my attitude towards shopping and spending money in general is changing in positives ways.

Complexity and Somplicity

The simplicity of this powerful tool eliminates any intimidation felt toward the complexity that goes away via manifest and loa. I love it.

Believe it to achieve it

I've been a big believer in the power of your thoughts for many years. I use this app every morning right after I meditate. It allows me to focus on wealth.

Love it!

I absolutely LOVE this app! It has really helped me to be money conscious. I’m watching myself buy things I want and pay off debt.


Prosperity, positivity, and faith

Download now!

I love everything about this app, it allows me to send out a positive frequency whenever a thought of doubt enters my mind. I’ve witnessed great things happening in my life due to this


I love the daily updates

Money money

The best app!!! Love it!!!!

Thinking differently about money

I love recalibrating my relationship with money. It is shifting my thought process!

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