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Keeps closing

I’ve done the latest essay update and this app still closes before it can open. I’m lost

No results

Zero results using this Seem to be going backwards Hope it works for some of you

Love this app BUT...

Since updating to version 1.1.9 it won't stop crashing. Impossible to open at all.

Was happy now very disappointed

Still very buggy! Not accessible for Voice Over users. When I bought this last Summer, I loved it. Then so called improvements completely ruined the experience for me. I hope the problems can be fixed so I can enjoy this app again. I would have given 5 stars if the app had remained accessible and usable. I’ve sent a complaint to the Secret team, but have had no response as yet.I would be happy to test future versions for accessibility and ease of use, so that we can all get the most out of the app.


This would be great if there were more affirmations and inspirations. The same 10 or so affirmations come up in a different order each day. The inspirations are the same as well... not many in rotation. Perhaps if I were new to the workings of the law of attraction this would be great, but it's a bit lackluster for me.

Was great until...

This was a great app until the last few updates. First it wiped all of my old data. When the next update arrived, I thought that would be fixed, but unfortunately it will not even load now. I was once again hopeful with the latest update, but the same unfortunate situation...will not even load. Sure hope they can fix the app because prior to this I would have given it 5 stars! It was a great way to stay positive, grateful and focused on priorities.

Virtual daily check doesnt arrive

**** 11.29.17. Ut oh - my desires list disappeared and there is no page to re-wright it. Any fix? This app is awesome aside from the little glitches. ****11.25.17 - app is working like a charm now and i love it!! Very powerful tool everyone should have. Thanks to developers for all the hard work. ***Update: got first alarm and check last night as scheduled! Rebooted again this am cuz affirmation didnt arrive. Lets see what tomorrow brings. I understand links have to be worked our but this app is so inspirational it is frustrating when not working properly. Keep up the good work. Love this app. Cant wait to love it more. Seem like a glitch that needs fixing along with alerts. Other than that, its a great app. It could be better if they fix the bugs. Especially since its a paid app. I removed and reinstalled the app twice over the past few days and still no virtual check or affirmations. Its at a complete stand still even rebooted a few times. Can I get a refund?

Truly an Amazing App!

Within the first week I manifest a free round trip ticket to Duluth MN with this app! Of course I have read the books previous to the app and practice those concepts & have had much success manifesting. The Secret teachings is great on many levels...too many to list! I definitely recommend this app!

Unusable; too buggy for a paid app.

Updated 20171128: Still too few currencies; still can’t swipe between affirmations. Updated 20171118: The 1.1.8 update is a step in the right direction letting us choose our currency, but there are too few to choose from! If you’re doing it why not do it right and add all currencies? At the very least you should add the currencies of all the app stores where your app is available! Secondly, the app is still giving me notification everyday that says I still have money left unspent, but I’ve already spent the entire check and waited days and it still won’t give me a new one (this new update is *supposed* to give us a new check every day). Please fix your bugssssssss and triple-test the app before publishing an update. 20171016: The app keeps notifying me everyday to spend my cheque even though I have already spent 100% of it and am just waiting for a new one to arrive in a week’s time. Aside from this bug the app also needs improvements on the UI front. For examples why can’t you swipe to move between affirmations while you can use the swipe gestures on other screens? Why the cheque spendings are sorted by newest first but the manifested money is sorted by oldest first? Lastly, while the cheque amount might seem decent in US dollars they really can’t buy much in other currencies so there should be a manual currency setting. When I received my first cheque I was like “lol what” because it couldn’t even buy me a nice dinner. This is a paid app so the developers really need to step up their game.

Thank You!!!!

Thanks to the SECRET & this App!!! Get it, use it!

Great app!

It is all it purports to be and more. Love this.

Love the app need help its not opening

Love the notifications!!! Helpful reminder.

Changed My Life!

Using this app actually changed my life! It has all the tools to make the Secret principals become reality. I highly recommend it. You have to do what it says and believe it. It won't work with any negative thoughts or doubts. Concentrate on your goals ALL the time. Feel it as if you already have what you want.

FUN App!

I love this app, and the recent updates have even improved it!!

Love it

Started it over to receive the daily checks again because that really helps change your mindset & my finances have changed dramatically since the install about a month and a half ago. Definitely helps you to appreciate the things you receive & by making a list and purchases with the money you receive daily it drastically changes your attitude on money. Within 3-4 weeks of using it I was told about a new job, didn't look for it didn't interview for it, I'm able to take my daughters with me, set my own hours & am making double what I used to make hourly, without paying for childcare. I noticed the things I listed in my purchases suddenly started showing up & I wasn't the one buying them, they started appearing as gifts or in the form of discounts. I wish I could give this app more stars & have been adamantly recommending to my sister. Best 4.99 I've ever spent 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

All was fine till 1.1.6 version

All was going well for 45-50 days of having this app, then all of a sudden my old data disappeared (on Sept 21) and it was restarted a fresh round of manifesting lessons. Then as I started afresh a msg popped up that the app is going to restore my lost data and it did!! Within moments my old data was back and new was gone!! What else came with this new version 1.1.6 released on Sept 27 was the BUG!! Now my daily inspiration page is BLANK!! Only way I can read that inspiration is by forwarding it to my iMessage or whatsapp!! New update restored the bug, but now after nearly 32 days of manifesting checks stopped (they will come only once a week!) or if I want checks daily, I'll have to delete the app and reload it again. That doesn't make me very happy as my manifesting was going really well. I need money in millions to buy a home that I like but I guess I will have to wait a long time for that. Getting checks daily really changes your attitude towards money. Please restore that guys. Update 2: I'm giving it 5 stars because this app has really been helping me get to my goals.

Bugs Need to be Worked Out

I loved this app but, for the second time, it has ceased to issue a daily check after a month. I deleted it & reopened it last time. It then loses all of your progress. If it’s only good for 30 days, it should say so in the description. I used to look forward to it every day! Very disappointing.

Love it, but current version does not auto-rotate on iPad Air

Love this App! Just has a tech glitch of not rotating on my iPad Air with the latest OS update. Also, I can't tell if my app has updated or not. I'm guessing that it has, but no way to check.

Vision board

This app has inspired me to actually create a vision board. Looking forward to all that comes to me


Crashed and lost all previous data. Now it doesn't send any notification despite the daily timer being set. Please fix it

Awesome Manifesting App

I've learned so much about manifesting and creating wealth from this. It takes believing before seeing!


So far so good. I will let you know if it really works. Thanks for all your work on the Secret products also. Amazing!

What a wonderful way to instill gratitude!

So glad I downloaded this app- it’s a great reminder each day to be thankful and more will come! I miss being able to track cents in the manifested money section though. Every penny counts and I hate to have to round it up to a dollar each time but I still love the app!

Yes to the Secret

If you believe in the law of attraction, this is a great app to keep you practicing that law. Plus it's fun to write down your dreams & desires!

Did I spend $4.99 on an App that only goes for 30 days?

I bought this app a month ago and now I get no daily reminders or checks after the check reached $100K a couple days ago. Did I just blow $5 for an app that only works for 30 days?

Stopped working

I’ve had this app for a few weeks now, and I loved it… Until it stopped working. It is been more than a week now, and I don’t get any notifications, and no more deposits to spend.

Necessary altering

I didn't know what to think when I first downloaded this app. But now I think it's a necessity to remind myself on a regular to change my thoughts or continue on the correct path with them. :)


I lost everything that I had in there for the past year....

Love it but the App is currently not working properly

The app is not working properly. It tells me I have a balance even though my balance is zero. Plus I haven’t received a check in a few days.

Love this App

My life is transformed ! Thank you !!!

Good way to visual money

Thank you!

Good app

Like it! And I'm sure it will help me 💰💰💰💰😎

Perfect App to have...

I'm not a religious type but I have always believed in something greater than us. Without wanting to sound blasphemous, The Secret it's more of a Bible to me than the actual one. I love running this app. I have actually gotten three refund checks that I don't even remember submitting for. But it has to start somewhere, right?

Fun and financial mindset building

I have enjoyed using this app for about a week now and look forward to 'playing' every day. I find myself noticing little thoughts that used to sabotage my money mindset before--now I notice them and change them to promote a healthier mindset.

Why can't I use this app w android?

I've had a few problems in the past with the info disappearing and sometimes I don't get daily reminder. I changed phones and Samsung phone says app is for apple products😖!

A Bit Wonky

The purchases app specifically and the manifested money sections are a bit troublesome. You can’t edit manifested money so if you make a mistake you have to put in $0. With purchases it’s weird as well. I’ve been using this for a week and when I go into purchases it shows me my day 1 purchases. Not the ones I just made. I wanted to add something else and now I can’t, which defeats the purpose of the app. Overall, it’s a great concept. But it could work a lot better.

Latest Update Needs Updating, Still Not Working

I received an e-mail from the developer after posting the review below. It said that the issue with the Daily Inspirations was fixed. It IS NOT! Also, I have $0. to spend! It has been several days since I received the e-mail, and nothing is fixed. Pretty frustrating... I enjoyed the app very much until that update that messed up a lot of it. Sorry to say, your corrective update is worse. When I click on Daily Inspirations, the app just crashes, so the fix needs further fixing! Also, the update before that did not restore the dates to my Manifested Money list. I hope you can take care of these problems...everything was fine before.

I loved it at first

Once I got into it. I was doing well, but then the update came and now my checks never come. Maybe every 10 days or so. But I read the affirmations, the quote, go over my lists, and I still get nothing. Not a fan of the new update.

Still Buggy ** update: bugs fixed

(Update: Thanks, all of the issues described below were resolved with your latest update!) I am a new user and did not experience the agony of the lost data, however It's still difficult to fully appreciate this app considering the rave reviews it has received. With the recent update, my app no longer shows the Daily Inspiration. The page is blank. If I tap to "Share" the inspiration (with blank page) the inspiration shows up in the message, but the app page remains blank. Also, I only get the notification for the daily check and nothing else, even though all notifications are timed and on.

Update made some functions to not work

Last update which restored some of the previous data cause daily inspiration to not show up. When I open it's tab, it's blank. Also now it won't provide you with any additional money to spend. It's been $0 for at least a week. Disappointing. *** Update - new update did fix previous issues, but new checks are still not coming in. It’s too bad since everything was working fine before and I used to look forward to using the app daily.

New update bug! Be aware! - The recent update fixed it

Already you fixed by developers! Old review: The new September 2017 update has lots of bugs one of the worst is "Daily inspiration" content won't show up on the screen unless you share it then you can see it through the shared location.

Gaining confidence

This app has helped me to let go of fear with my finances and gain more confidence in my worth of receiving. Everyday I am gifted something in some way whether it be monetary or simple compliments and gestures. I'm so grateful for this app!!!

Perfect Positive Throughout My Day

10/4/17: the update fixes the daily inspirations issue! 👍 thanks! As of the new iOS 11, my daily inspirations are blank. I’ve deleted and reloaded 2x. Previously: Loving this app. It keeps me focused on positive energy no matter what's happening around me.

Love it!

Makes me feel it!

Positive Vibes Daily!

Money well spent! And a daily smile in my soul!

Recent update has issues

The most recent update has caused my app to be glitchy. I love the app but there needs to be some bug fixes. My daily inspiration is blank everyday. I updated to the newest version and it still keeps notifying me that I have money to spend but there isn’t. There’s still more bug fixes you’ll need to do.

Update Issues

I love this app & was actually manifesting good things not just money till the update. I deleted and reinstalled and it's still the same. I sent an email to the developers & the reply was my data is gone because I deleted the app. Well I updated twice & nothing changed so I thought to delete and reinstall. I don't use anymore, very disappointed.

Wonderful tool!

I downloaded this app about 2 months ago. I absolutely love it!! It is really helpful to get reminders and also to really visualize receiving real money.


This app helps keep me on track with positive thoughts. If I feel something negative coming on, I go and look at my desires and I remember what my goal is. It is great in conjunction with the daily affirmations and The Secret book! 💗

App glitch

My app is not sending any more checks is it a glitch or no more checks?

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