The Secret To Money App Reviews

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This app keeps me focused everyday!


The title says it all!! LOVE IT!!

Use it every morning

I love this app! I have a little ritual in the morning of laying out all the checks I have received, (I deposit remotely so I keep the checks) putting myself in a high vibration of money. I read the affirmations slowly and truly feel the truth of it. I love spending the money the app gives you everyday. The only tip I have, is every month I delete the app and then restart it because the spending checks get too high for me to spend. I try to keep it as real as possible. I love keeping track of all my gifts. I swear, people are coming over bringing me boxes of Godiva chocolates, plants, skincare, and unexpected money. I say yes, yes yes! Write everything down. Even if you find a lost Starbucks gift card. I also love the Thinkup app. 25 bucks but worth it. I record my own affirmations, in my voice and the app plays it back. I listen while getting ready in the morning and in my car. Also, dont forget to give give give. You can't fool the Universe. Giving puts you in an even higher vibration.

The Secret App

Excellent support to re-wire my brain and dispel old beliefs & thought patterns.

Positive Affirming App

Enjoy the app! Helps me frame my intentions, attitudes and objectives around money and creating abundance! Love the affirmations!

Money coach

This app is great. Trains my brain in receiving and earning more


Love it !!

I use it everyday

Sending the good energy right back, thank you for the awesome app!

App froze first day

Update: No one had gotten back with me on this, but I figured it out. I had to completely close out of the app by closing out the open windows in the background. The app is fun and makes it interesting to spend money each day. I haven't manifested any money as of yet but will keep you posted. I purchased this app today, entered info for desired, etc. I changed the alert time for inspirations. Inspiration popped up and screen is froze there. I can't go anywhere in the app at all.

Great way to manifest your dreams

I love this app and it has really changed my way of thinking how to spend and manifest money. Glad this app was recommended to me by a friend. I practice daily affirmations and I see the results of changing your way if thinking through this app. Kudos to the app developer.

Good motivator

Makes you think what is possible


Great app! Fun and user friendly. Love the daily inspiration and affirmations.

Fun App

It is fun and boosts confidence. When you really use it every day it really shifts things. I had a moment after about a month when I got bored with it and almost stopped it, but instead I kept going and now I am earning the rewards. It reminded me of starting a business. There comes a moment when you wanna give up, but you better push through 😍

Pretty good/cool

This app is awesome! It has been helping me shift my mindset with money and I really appreciate/like that. In terms of the app and how it functions it has a few bugs and if they were fixed I would give it 5 stars. Thank you!

Love it!!

I really enjoy this app! It’s great for keeping your mindset right during the ups and downs of a day!! Thank you!

So much fun!!

I'm having so much fun with this application. It really is changing the way I feel about money. Every time I receive a check, my heart jumps and it's very exciting spend all that money and feel the joy in it! I am feeling the abundance and seeing it in my experience. Thanks thanks thanks!

Love it!

Very easy to use and has daily reminders!!


The app ask for the money I have manifested for the day. Kind of makes me feel unaccomplished if I have not manifested money for the day, but I do like the affirmations and the daily reminders.

Some progress

Slowly but surely, I am making progress with manifestation. This app definitely helps!

Love this!

I love this app! I love The Secret books, so I knew this app was going to be great! I love being reminded to feel good about money! I just started using, so here’s hoping my attitude changes about money with time!!

Great way to change your mindset

Enjoy the affirmations and inspirations. Different thinking when you receive checks and spend it how you desire.

No difference

I’ve been using the app for a couple of weeks now and have not noticed any difference.

Really Great!

Love this App and the way it helps build and support a positive attitude about money.

Love it!

I love the way this app causes such good feelings about money and help really see what it looks like to spend a lot of money - mindfully.


Best app ever!

The Secret Money

I love this! It helps me focus and visualize my goals and desires. Thank you for providing tools to help people become all that they wish to be!

The secret

This app is able to remind me everyday to wake up and be grateful for all that I have and to focus mote the things I truly want.

Realized Dreams

Great AP helps keep me focus on my dreams. Thanks!!

Amazing App!!

This app has helped me manifest money in real life! Thank you! 🙇🏻‍♀️🙌🏼💪🏼🙏🏼💖😘🌎💯

5 stars

Love this app

Wonderful app!

Easily one of the best apps I have ever used. Completely changed the way I think about money. Wonderful tool for creating more abundance!!

Great Daily Habit!

This has greatly helped me change my daily understanding of, habits with, and relationship with money!!!🔥💯🙏🏽


This is fun and exciting. A great way to raise your vibration around money!

The Secret

Very good


I actually received three real checks all equally to $7k this app works

The Secret app

Fun app to get your mind thinking more positive or in a different way.

Beautiful habit

Love this amazing super fun app

Daily Dose of Delicious Expansion!

What a fun way to transform not only the mindset but also your " heartset" with this expansive exercise! I am so grateful for this!


Love this App! Bring on the cash flow :)

A few changes would make it great

Fun & useful, but a few changes would make it great! Once you go they the process, you can’t re-do it without re-downloading the app. I have it loaded on my iPad & iPhone, but the two do not sync with each other- so that needs to be fixed. Also, it would be cool to be able to upload photos for a story board, rather than typing a list. Maybe include a few audio affirmations, etc.

It works!

I love this app! The first day I had it, I manifested $60 and got an upgrade on my airline seat. Two days later I manifested $500! I literally got a notification in my email that $500 was being deposited into my account from something I completely forgot about, and never thought was going to happen for many months ago. And later that evening, while out at a restaurant, I found cash on the floor under my feet!

Best $5 I ever spent!

Bits of joy in my day. Every day! So fun!

It worked!

Less than a week after I purchased, I got an unexpected $1500 in my bank as cash back! I really feel the excitement every morning when I receive my check and spend it so comfortably. This is what “living as if” and “living in the end” feels like! Thank you for the financial freedom!

Excellent app!

I look forward to playing with this app every morning as it gives me so much positive energy for the day to come!

Reliable App

Reliable app. Needs ability to turn off some notifications

Great way to start the day

This is a fun app to help you stay focused on abundance.


I can’t explain it! Love it because happy and positive more!!!!


It works! Already seeing results after a week!

It’s simple, don’t complicate it

It’s all true! Just think what you want and occupy your mind with the thought


I am so thankful for this app!! Thank you, thank you, thank you...

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