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Mi favorito

Manifested Money by the Day...

I love my new manifested money!


Love it! Refocus's me

Amazing app.

Ever since I began using this app, I’ve haven’t had really any financial struggles. I was always living paycheck to paycheck as had crippling debt. The affirmations and manifestations have really changed the energy around me. I recently received a lump sum of money & am now able to get out most of my debt. I feel a huge relief, and I am looking forward to continuing my journey toward a brighter, financial future.

Love it


Fabulous & fun

Love this app! Great way to keep positive focus on true inner & outer wealth!

Grateful for this app.

Very easy to follow!

The secret to money

iPhone is capable of more than a phone second this app is phenomenal.

Totally worth your Life

The simple and effective way to shifting your lack and self-limiting beliefs around money is here!! I’ve manifested over $20K while using the app for 21 days.


I used this daily until it switched to once a week. At that point I lost interest.

Love it!

This app really trains your mind and spirit to believe you have financial abundance. I love how my imagination goes wild donating money, helping others and family. Not to mention, making all my dreams come true. I'm so glad I found it!

Grateful for the find!

Practical, thoughtful, and whimsical enough to let an adult dream again!!

Nice way to a new thought process

Helps change your thought process towards abundance and reward acceptance.

Positive mindset!

Everyday I’m excited to receive my notifications. It gets me in a positive mindset and trusting that all will come my way.

Affirmations are Wonderful

This is the best app!

Having fun with this

My friend, Betsy, introduced me to this app. I have been having a lot of fun with it. I am noticing that I want to spend my money productively and responsibly, so it’s been fun to think about fun things to buy. Also, it’s reminding me to use a lot of it for charity projects that I am interested in!! The manifested money price is a little difficult for me, in that I am seeing how small my box really is in my beliefs around making money. So this will be helpful in expanding my awareness and ideas about revenue streams. One little tweak I’ve started doing with this section is every time I put in manifested money I add a zero to it! Just have fun with it, and let it expand your box.

Life works

This works

Love this app

This app helps me keep my gratitude high in regards to the financial abundance I’ve created in my life! I love it!


This app has definitely helped me- and I’ve seen gradual improvement in my daily life

I’m sooo grateful.. 😏

It’s fun! In my head I’ve already paid off all my credit cards which somehow I’m actually no longer stressed about in real life and I plan vacations and set money aside.. it used to be hard for me to imagine but with the app it’s super easy.

Thank you

I'm grateful for this app! Thank you.


Ever since I included this app into my daily routine I’ve noticed every area of my life improve. Thanks guys!

No daily check!

I tried to figure out what I had done wrong and I think it was turn off notifications. I do not like notifications. The daily check should arrive daily. I completed all the steps the FAQ required for a daily check, but still no check! This app is a bit too controlling on when it gives the daily check. I was looking forward to thinking of what to spend it on and how much it would be, but will not turn on notifications for it!

The Secret Money App

It’s a great tool to change your mindset about money, track and feel abundance and manifest money. Love it


I live this app. I have been getting money from my art in the past few days. I believe it came from me using this app!

Great daily inspiration!

Seeing this everyday and putting my mind in a better state is amazing. Great app.

The Secret

This is the most inspirational app for manifesting money!

I love it!

This a a great app! Money has come to me in all sorts of different ways. It also makes me appreciate what I have. I’m actually achieving the goals slowly but surely, so I’m making new ones.

Putting out positive vibes and receiving them back

Thanks, this has motivated me to think positive thoughts more often.

Great app !

I have been using for about a week and enjoying it very much great way to get in touch with money feelings and manifesting

Money app

This app is awesome, keeps me positive Thank you


Awesome app! I have manifested thousands of dollars just from opening this app every day!! It has truly changed my way of thinking about money. So grateful to live in abundance 💛


Changed my life and way of thinking about life



Love this app- It’s helped me change my income significantly

This app helps re-wire the way your brain feels about money. Because everything is energy, and we have feelings associated with money, it’s important to feel positive about it. I want from $50k/year to $500k/year after using this app. I love the section where I can add incoming money and found that there were so many times money unexpectedly showed up, and it’s continuing to randomly show up. I’m also creating / manifesting more income.


I enjoy the app very much and have shared with many others! It’s a fabulous and fun way to keep ourselves staying in the right mindset all day every day!

Great App!

I am not one to pay for Apps and I was reluctant to invest in this one. Now that I have been using it for almost a week I am so grateful I did. It is helping me deepen my abundance and gratitude work with strong daily practices.

Love this app

Super fun way to get used to the idea of being “a money magnet”!

Good stuff for rewiring the brain!



Love this app!

Powerful results !

This app is so simple yet it changes your mindset and provides positive enforcement daily.

Best app ever

This app release your mind from the stress of money

Great app

Love the affirmations and the daily checks . Really helps me think about money differently .

The secret to money

Been a week using this and my mentality of the way I use my money and how I think about it has changed. Love it!

Money is increasing everyday!

Since using the app, my thoughts about money and abundance have changed and so has my money! I’ve manifested about $40,000 in the past two months. Ask, Believe & Receive!


I love this app. It’s teaching me SO much. I’m so excited when I get my daily deposit! I feel like I actually have the money. Spending it gives me a rush!!!

Keeps me on track.

Excellent app. Use it everyday, thanks to the reminders.


Wish it was more fun, with more activities I like the daily quotes though

Love IT

I absolutely Love this App.

It sends me money everyday

I enjoy everything about the app. From the affirmations to the check they deposit for me to spending everyday;-)

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